Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Buffalo Apple Burger with Sage Jalapeno Pesto and Blue Cheese

The time is now to sit on the patio with your favorite beverage and grill some burgers. Especially in Boulder, where it will be in the high sixties, low seventies for the next four days. My enthusiasm for this weather knows no limits. In fact, this weekend I dedicated myself to working on our new outdoor living room on the patio. You know the ones you see in Better Homes and Gardens with the outdoor rugs, cozy seating areas, and paintings on the wall. My little patio really came together well for someone without an ounce of decorative savvy. Martha Stewart would be proud. And I'm always trying to make Martha proud. To complete the picture in my head required two people sitting on the patio enjoying a buffalo burger, while someone strummed on the mandolin. So I made this buffalo apple burger with sage pesto and bought a mandolin. Now I just need someone who knows how to play the darn thing.

Until one of us learns to play our new mandolin, we have this wonderful bright and delicious burger from The Gouda Life. The apple gives it a wonderful sweetness that plays well with the spice in the pesto and the bite of the blue cheese. It will make you happy. It made me happy. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to find a beginners mandolin book. How hard can it be?

Buffalo Apple Burger with Sage Jalapeno Pesto and Blue Cheese
Serves 4, Slightly adapted from The Gouda Life

Sage Jalapeno Pesto
1 jalapeno, seeded and quartered
1/2 cup sage
2 cloves garlic
3 tbs olive oil
2 tbs parmesan
Salt and pepper

In a food processor or blender, pulse all ingredients together. Pulse until your desired consistency. I like mine a little chunky but you can make it as smooth as you wish.

Buffalo Apple Burger 
1 lb ground buffalo
2 apples, peeled and grated on big holes of box grater
1 tbs balsamic vinegar
2 tbs worcestershire sauce
2 tbs dijon mustard
1 tsp salt
Black pepper

Heat grill to medium high.

Using your hands mix everything together. Once combined, form into 4 patties. Try not to overhandle the patties. On the grill, cook for 4-6 minutes on each side. The shorter cook time will give you a burger that's more rare.

Burger Assembly
Pretzel buns (any bun will do but these were particularly good)
Red onion
Blue cheese

Load everything on the bun and enjoy. A side of baked home fries really brings this whole dish together.

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