Food and the great outdoors sustain me. They go hand-in-hand in my life and a day is not complete without the utter enjoyment of both. I think life is the greatest adventure and food is one of the best parts. I love to run. I love to hike into the wilderness with my husband and our black lab. I love to hit the road and explore the nooks and crannies of this miraculous place. I love beer and wine. I love a good chocolate chip cookie. The thread that runs through it all, connects every aspect of my life? Food. The meals enjoyed after a big hike, the homemade muffins and bread that sustained me during marathon training, the discovery of a tiny melon growing in the garden, and a night spent at home taking with my husband over a glass of wine and our favorite tomatillo sweet potato enchiladas. In this kitchen nothing is off limits. Beer has been brewed, bread is frequently rising on the countertops, and cheese has been made. I believe almost everything is better from scratch and cooking with locally grown ingredients improves the quality of almost any meal. I believe in food and its power to sustain us in every way.

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